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I went to Venu for the first time 15 yrs ago. Post my marriage I discontinued and ever since it hasn't been easy to get onto a sustained workout regime, simply because she had set the bar so high in terms of my expectations from a trainer.

Her approach to complete body workouts was always refreshing & peppered with knowledgeable inputs.

Her focus was always on working out right with the correct posture n form instead of working out more n gradually building up the stamina.

Her workouts were less equipment based n more technique based and that worked well for me.

I wish her all the very best always.

Pregnancy is always thought of as a time to indulge on food and take it easy. With Venu’s guidance I realised the importance of planed meals and prenatal exercise goes a long way in ensuring a good pregnancy, a better childbirth and a healthy baby. I was able to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. With her vast experience she ensures the best guidance. We had an in-depth discussion to understand my lifestyle and food habits. There were weekly sessions to observe my progress. There was no overstressing and she ensured that I was disciplined with my meal plans and physical activity. At the last stage of pregnancy it was difficult to move and Venu had all the right ideas and moves to keep me going. Thank you Venu, I had a healthy pregnancy with your guidance.

Venu's not only helped me loose weight and inches, she's corrected my body composition to a large extent. I've lost 6 KGS in 3-4 months. My Cholesterol and uric acid result have also improved a lot.
I feel a lot more energetic, thanks to her.
You are the best, Venu.

Just loved the whole experience at Bodyworks . Workout is designed for each person keep I mind the health condition. Also the positive attitude of Venu to help you achieve your goals just makes the whole experience wonderful. Even in my pre natal condition Ì used to look forward to my sessions at Bodyworks.

When I visited Bodyworks I had severe shooting back pain due to slip disc and could not walk properly. My weight had increased to 83Kg and I was quite unfit due to all the rest and no exercise. I was very concerned about my deteriorating ability to lead a normal life.
Venu studied my diet, lifestyle and exercise patterns. She set clear goals for me with focus on improving my fitness by strengthening my core muscles. She explained that with the right balanced diet and consistent exercising I could overcome my slip disc issues. She also helped me understand the concept of Body Mass Index and set goals to reduce fat and increase muscle content in my body.
Venu’s personalized coaching helped me a lot to exercise the right way without straining my back. She helped me understand the concept of eating, exercising the right way to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.
After 4 months of consistently following the diet and exercise routine I got rid of my back pain and lost 7 Kg weight. Now I feel a lot stronger, energetic and happier.
Thank you so much Venu for your sincerity, passion and holistic approach in making me regain fitness. You have been a fantastic coach and I would certainly recommend you to my friends and family.
I wish you and Bodyworks all the very best!

Venu’SSS … Scientific, Supervised and Sustainable weight management solutions – Uh-huh the motto could not be more apt! Have been associated with Venu Hirani for over a decade now. She put me on a nutrition plan and exercise regime that completely transformed me into a very health conscious person. This program has not only motivated me to eat healthy but to really pay attention to my overall health.Thanks to Venu for all these lifestyle changes due to which I had lost 25kgs in the initial years of my association with her. These changes also impacted my family as I got them to also eat healthy and stay fit.To top it all off, Venu guided and supervised my exercise routine when I was down with a medical condition recently. She not only very patiently helped me sail through this phase but also helped me lose 10kgs in about 6 months’ time. What an awesome combination!!!
Venu is an excellent professional with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for what she does. When it comes to Health, Nutrition, Exercise, there’s just one name that I can ever think of – Bodyworks.
Besides, the studio itself is so motivating that I keep looking forward to the workouts and the company of happy, cheerful and friendly group mates.

Bodyworks has done wonders on me!! Completely changed me!! Just two years bak I felt like a 60 year old.. Now I guess I'm 25!! Atleast I feel that way. With my kind of a problem.. Venu has done a miracle on me! So much dedication!! Body works.. I'm urs for ever!!

I was referred to Venu by a colleague and must say the whole experience of working out with her has been fantastic with great results within a short span of time. When I began the program, my pulse was very erratic with me needing a minimum of 20 minutes to cool down but within a span of 45 days, not only my pulse rate but my stamina too improved drastically and I am now able to work-out more effectively and vigorously. Also, my body has become less stiffer and have been able to achieve good form due to Venu’s hawk-like guidance and penchant for perfection. Venu’s easy to follow and balanced nutrition plan has worked wonders for me. While my fat percentage has dropped significantly, my muscle mass ratio and metabolism rate has improved simultaneously which has helped me in toning and am now very close to achieving my goal.

Venu Hirani is a Goddess! Seriously...a Goddess of Good health, nutrition and healthy living.When I met her in 2009, I was lazy, over weight and extremely out of shape. I was resistant to any kind of exercising, though I had a personal gym in my home.My diet was horrible with just returning back from a laid back student’s life in the UK, fresh from a steady diet of greasy fast food, chocolates and fizzy drinks!Today after nearly four years of having her as my personal trainer, I can truly say that I have left that girl long behind and my life now is incomplete without a good workout in the morning followed by a great balanced diet which has resulted in my much needed weight loss and building up of my confidence as a woman.Venu has painstakingly borne my complaints about muscle aches and waking up early in the morning and listened patiently to my whining about curbing my penchant for greasy, fatty food…She has been my source of inspiration to lose those unwanted extra kilos and motivated me to strengthen my will in this ultimate journey to good health.Yes,it’s difficult at first for someone who was never used to this kind of life, but after a while it becomes a necessity...when you start looking good and more than that, start feeling good...there is nothing that will stop you from achieving your goal and Venu has helped me realize that goal and reach for it.Her in-depth and truly amazing knowledge and guidance on nutrition has helped me create my own diet that I am comfortable with instead of following the usually theoretical one that other nutritionist’s give...the mix of flexible strength, muscle toning, surya-namaskars, cardio, yoga and Pilates that she has designed for me depending on my ability and body has helped me slowly step into a good comfortable regime perfect for me, instead of the usual high-intensity cardio and toning that most people suggest...which simply puts you off exercising! She is always available to me on phone, whatsapp and whatnot…even when I’m travelling I can easily communicate with her and discuss my meal and other concerns…So I conclude once again by saying that Venu Hirani is a goddess; She will make you lose what is not needed that can only lead to gains of the best kind!Venu, I am blessed to have you as my trainer, my everyday motivation pill and above all, a great friend!

Have been working out and following Venu's nutrition advice on and off since 2006. She is one of the best Health and Wellness consultant have known and trust me have known many in my personal and professional capabilities. She's capable, practical and gives fab results. I went in 2006 with a battered body which had no energy though my weight looked fine, Without getting into boring details, was fit as a fiddle in less than 6 months, ate and drank all that liked (though smaller portions). Loved working out at her studio as workouts were more fun time than drudgery of a normal exercise or gym schedule. Its interesting, fun and good for you… Awesome combination. Must try…you will never like another place….Keep Going Venu & Bodyworks

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