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Fitness for 2

Venu'SSS.......Scientific, Supervised & Sustainable 

Antenatal Fitness Program

As the name suggests this program is for 2-mama & baby. A combination of cardiovascular, strenghtening & flexibilty exercises specific to accomodate your pregnant state makes this a 'complete'  fitness routine.Relaxation techniques & breathing exercises help make labor & delivery easier & less tiring.A personalized diet plan chalked out after a thorough assessment will satisfy your varying tastes & desires while nourishing, developing & sustaining both your body & your baby's body, brain & being.

Fitness For 2 is the brainchild of Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani & has been successfully conducting this program since its inception in 2001. 

Dietitian, Sport Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor & Fitness Coach Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani independently conducts all in person & online  training sessions at BODYWORKS - which is why our training slots are limited




Venu'SSS.......Scientific, Supervised & Sustainable 

Antenatal Customised Meal Planning Program

Pregnancy is never the time to lose weight & try to "keep the shape" but it is also not the time to "let loose" Nutrition for Two aims at ensuring you eat healthy through your pregnancy, nourish your body & that of your baby's in a structured scientific manner & gain just the right amount of weight.


My Story:

Shilpa Vora Desai - Head of Finance

I was trying to shed weight that I had put on after my marriage thru walks and little knowledge of diet control thru newspaper articles and hear-say advice. However, not able to achieve significant results, I went to Venu -referred by a family member. That was in June 2005. After I met her, my entire perspective to weight control and diet changed. In my three month's session, I learnt to enjoy my food, eating out without adding extra calories and achieve steady and long-lasting weight loss with higher level of fitness. My second course of interaction with her was during my pre-natal exercise classes in 2007 which too was extremely helpful in term of insights into staying healthy during pregnancy and avoiding common aches and pains with simple exercises. I continued my work till two days before my delivery and was almost in shape in three months.  Not only staying physically active, her sessions on breathing exercise and relaxations also helped me stay clam amid all the stress and pressure that our work life gives us. During my second pregnancy term currently, I try and follow my pre-natal exercise routine - not jut for my physical fitness but also to keep all negative thoughts at bay with exercise. I would recommend her to anyone looking for scientific weight loss as well as for her pre-natal exercise class - especially to first time mothers.