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In the present day scenario of high stress levels at workplace & a constant competitive edge it is heartening to see corporates wanting to look into the health & wellness of their employees. 'A investment rather than cost' as many organizations aptly put it. We at BODYWORKS offer a wide range of corporate programs - group exercise sessions, interactive seminars, workshops, nutrition counselling & on-line programs.


List of Corporate Events


Tata Water Plus
TATA Water Plus, Chennai

Bank of America
Women's day celebration - talk on women's fitness & nutrition 

GE Energy
Interactive session on health & fitness - 1 

Interactive session on health & fitness - 2

Event to celebrate World Osteoporosis Day 

Sandoz Pharma 
Interactive session on health & fitness

Interactive session on weight management



Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani has been associted with various organizations as a consultant & expert-conducting wellness seminars, writing articles & endorsing products & services of associated organisations. 

Write to us at for corpoarate alliance with Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani


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  • TetraPak
  • Borges India
  • Sterling Health Mall