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Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor & Fitness Coach Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani who holds over 26 years of experience as a successful weight management specialist will personally formulate an individualized program based on your requirements after a thorough assessment of your health & diet history. Joining hands with your fitness routine our nutrition program helps you shed off those extra kilos permanently without resorting to starvation.

Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani is available for in person consultation with prior appointments on :

Monday to Saturday - 10 am to 11 am

She is also available for online consultations 

For enquires & appointments please call : 9820986359

Dhirendra Mahyavanshi : VP & Head of Sales, Quikr India Pvt Ltd
BE (Prod), IIM (Calcutta)

It gives me delight when I climb the weigh scale now. Today morning my weight was 74.6 kgs (measured after a 5 km slow run). I find it unbelievable that just 5 months back I was touching 90 kgs. As soon as I passed out of B school and started working I raced to 88 kgs and have been that way for the last ten years or so. Over the years I have tried various diet plans lost weight and gained back the same and more as soon as the diet was off.

This July one of my friends suggested Venu Hirani. I was a bit skeptical at first but post my initial meetings all my doubts were laid to rest. She made me understand the fundamentals of healthy weight loss and maintenance. She did not follow a cookie cutter approach instead custom made a nutrition and exercise plan as per my lifestyle, habits and physical metrics.

I started out with a nutrition plan set by her which was a pleasant surprise because my food intake wasn’t reduced. She helped me switch from an unbalanced diet to a nutritious diet plan and also ensured that I didn’t feel deprived. In fact my evening snack was planned to be more than what I ate otherwise.

Over the period my physical parameters started improving. While I lost considerable fat mass my muscle mass improved simultaneously focus being on healthier weight loss rather than just weight loss. My metabolism rate improved so much so that during Diwali although I indulged in sweets and savouries, I still managed to loose 1 kg.

The best part was that this month I was able to participate in a tough terrain half marathon and complete 21kms in 2hrs 26 mins. It turned out to be a personal gift for me as that race happened to be on my 35th birthday.

My Story...

By Sanjay Lalwani - Project Manager

I visited Venu as I saw extremely positive results in my wife's weight loss program.I had been on medication for a while due to indigestion & gastro issues, so thought it would be good to be on a proper diet. Venu very patiently heard about all the doctors I had been to & all the tests I had to go through due to medical issues. She put down a diet plan for me & since I did not have the time to attend any class, I was asked to just walk everyday.Unbelievable, but true,I haven't been on any medication since then & all my health issues seem to have vanished! Its been a good amount of weight that I've lost,something like 15kgs but what makes me happy is that my health is no longer an issue.Its so easy to maintain my weight now since I'm already into this eating pattern which keeps me healthy & away from medicines.


My Story...

By Usha Kotian

I was referred to Venu by a colleague and must say the whole experience of working out with her has been fantastic with great results within a short span of time. When I began the program, my pulse was very erratic with me needing a minimum of 20 minutes to cool down but within a span of 45 days, not only my pulse rate but my stamina too improved drastically and I am now able to work-out more effectively and vigorously. Also, my body has become less stiffer and have been able to achieve good form due to Venu’s hawk-like guidance and penchant for perfection. Venu’s easy to follow and balanced nutrition plan has worked wonders for me. While my fat percentage has dropped significantly, my muscle mass ratio and metabolism rate has improved simultaneously which has helped me in toning and am now very close to achieving my goal.