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At Bodyworks we believe in spreading good health – with a personal touch. Carrying forward our belief in functional training (training the body for the activities performed in daily life) we provide client specific programs planned as per your requirement & body type. 

Dietitian, Sport Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor & Fitness Coach Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani independently conducts all in person & online  training sessions at BODYWORKS - which is why our training slots are limited


TRX, core training, pilates, body weight exercises, weight training, bands and balls, yoga based flexibility program's,cardio vascular training are among the various training options that she adopts to help you achieve your goal.

Exclusive personal training slots with Ms Venu Adhiya Hirani available from :

Mon to Sat : 9:00 am to 10:00 am


Mon Wed Fri : 5:30 pm to 7 pm


My Story:
By Reshma.C - Chief Manager
I learnt about Bodyworks through a friend and joined when there were a few indicators that kept telling me that I needed a proper work out regime. In Nov 2008 I met Venu, who suggested that along with regularexercise, I also required to follow a correct diet. After following the diet and exercise routine suggested by Venu, I observed that I began loosing weight, week on week, and my stamina levels increasing. I saw that I could achieve doing certain activities like brisk walking with my father (there was a time when I couldn’t match up his walking speed and felt guilty of the same), working for more time without too much of fatigue etc. Yes, my energy levels improved and I felt better with my health as well. I started looking forward for my Saturday appointments with Venu for improvisation & corrections. I realised the importance of regular exercise, which my parents always emphasized and felt happy when I received compliments on my weight loss. Actually, we all know of what is right to eat and what is not, what if we miss a daily exercise or a walk… but we ignore. We tend to have the “chalta hai” attitude… if not now then when to enjoy, etc, etc. But its awareness that one needs to have, which Bodyworks brings. I have broken rules during my diet regime, but now I am more aware as to how and to what extent it impacts me. That itself has been a great learning.

My Story...

By Kavan Mukhtyar - Partner - Management Consulting PwC India

When I visited Bodyworks I had severe shooting back pain due to slip disc and could not walk properly. My weight had increased to 83Kg and I was quite unfit due to all the rest and no exercise. I was very concerned about my deteriorating ability to lead a normal life.

Venu studied my diet, lifestyle and exercise patterns. She set clear goals for me with focus on improving my fitness by strengthening my core muscles. She explained that with the right balanced diet and consistent exercising I could overcome my slip disc issues. She also helped me understand the concept of Body Mass Index and set goals to reduce fat and increase muscle content in my body.

Venu’s personalized coaching helped me a lot to exercise the right way without straining my back. She helped me understand the concept of eating, exercising the right way to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

After 4 months of consistently following the diet and exercise routine I got rid of my back pain and lost 7 Kg weight.   Now I feel a lot stronger, energetic and happier.

Thank you so much Venu for your sincerity, passion and holistic approach in making me regain fitness.    You have been a fantastic coach and I would certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

I wish you and Bodyworks all the very best!