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This is my second pregnancy and I am so glad I went to Venu for the prenatal yoga sessions ... Venu gives personal attentions which really helps as the right way of exercising really helps in pregnancy .. Compared to my 1st pregnancy I feel the difference as I feel more toned and there is definate control on my weight gain... The rapport I shared with her was awesome and that one hour was very relaxing and soothing as well .. I recommend this to all expecting mommies and even otherwise as Venu's professional approach and friendly blend gives you the right guidance and helps you achieve what you want to in terms of fitness .. Thanks a lot Venu ...

It gives me delight when I climb the weigh scale now. Today morning my weight was 74.6 kgs (measured after a 5 km slow run). I find it unbelievable that just 5 months back I was touching 90 kgs. As soon as I passed out of B school and started working I raced to 88 kgs and have been that way for the last ten years or so. Over the years I have tried various diet plans lost weight and gained back the same and more as soon as the diet was off.

This July one of my friends suggested Venu Hirani. I was a bit skeptical at first but post my initial meetings all my doubts were laid to rest. She made me understand the fundamentals of healthy weight loss and maintenance. She did not follow a cookie cutter approach instead custom made a nutrition and exercise plan as per my lifestyle, habits and physical metrics.

I started out with a nutrition plan set by her which was a pleasant surprise because my food intake wasn’t reduced. She helped me switch from an unbalanced diet to a nutritious diet plan and also ensured that I didn’t feel deprived. In fact my evening snack was planned to be more than what I ate otherwise.

Over the period my physical parameters started improving. While I lost considerable fat mass my muscle mass improved simultaneously focus being on healthier weight loss rather than just weight loss. My metabolism rate improved so much so that during Diwali although I indulged in sweets and savouries, I still managed to loose 1 kg.

The best part was that this month I was able to participate in a tough terrain half marathon and complete 21kms in 2hrs 26 mins. It turned out to be a personal gift for me as that race happened to be on my 35th birthday.

I, Mrs sunita Deo, 56, resident of Kolkata joined Venu Hirani’s online nutrition & fitness programme in the
beginning of Feb 2011. Venu Hirani lives in Mumbai so how did I get in touch with her ?

let me explain…

During one of my visit to Mumbai end of Janaury 2011…I was mentioning about my health condition to my very
close friend Ms Smita Fernando who lives in mumbai…my husband & myself have been busy taking care of our
ageing parents & as a result neglected our own health for almost a decade.

Smita told me about Ms Venu Hirani’s nutrition & fitness programme & that she & her husband are following
the plan & how much it had benefited them & encouraged me to join the online programme…even though I was
very short of time she encouraged me to see Venu & immediately made the appointment for me to see her.

Since the suggestion came from my dear & reliable friend & personally seeing the benefit they received by
following Venu’s plan…I met Venu & explained my health difficulties to her & she immediately started me on
the nutrition plan & along with daily walking routine & indoor exercises…

The best part of this programme is that even though I live in a different city, I communicated with Venu
via E Mail & sent my weekly diet log to her & in this way she was able to monitor my diet intake & suggest
adjustments whenever necessary so that I could get the maximum benefit from the programme…

Venu was very prompt in replying to my queries related to my diet & any health problems from time to time & I
was able to follow through on her suggestions… …

I am very pleased to say that within few months of her online personal care & encouragement…I noticed a
remarkable improvement in my energy level & feeling fit at all times… within six months I achieved the optimum
body weight according to my height & still maintaining the same…

My blood report taken in Sept 2012 has been the best in the last 10 years …

My progress was noticed by others too & when you look good & feel good then you get a positive frame of mind
& this in turn motivates you to continue in the same healthy pattern of eating along with exercise.

My sincere thanks to Smita for recommending me to Venu Hirani & my heartfelt gratitude to Venu for her
continued help & support & encouragement throughout the year..

I am confident that this nutrition & fitness programme will benefit many more in the future.

It all began when I had touched 85kgs on the scale & had to get back into shape.A colleague introduced me to Venu, who put me on a diet & exercise routine.Venu had told me that I'd start showing results in just a week's time - which at that point of time seemed difficult to believe.Honestly, I thought it was a miracle when week after week I kept loosing weight. The diet & exercise kept me so motivated that I actually started looking forward to meeting Venu on Saturday's, coz that was the day of results & achievements.Small milestones kept me so inspired that I lost track of time & realised that my clothes were too big for me because I had shed 25kgs.I was pretty thrilled as people started complimenting me on my weight loss.Now its maintainence time, but believe me I'm so much into the eating pattern that Venu set for me, that I don't feel I do anything extra to keep my kilos off.

I met Venu in the year 2006 through a common friend when I was looking for some one who will realistically guide me on day to day nutrition and a workout routine which suits me the best. I still remember the anniversary function where I was inspired by one of her 40 plus instructor and felt yes I can….
We women go through a peculiar phase when we cross 40, it is as good or as bad when one is going through one’s teens and what makes it difficult is the expectation that one is suppose to know how to handle this transition, since you are 41 and not 14 J
I found my answers here, I have never been fitter in my life as I am today and I am sure I will sail through this transition in my life with my daily dose of workouts
And believe me if you are committed every one at the studio will make sure that you wont leave….

When I had found out I was pregnant, the first person I had thought of calling was my trainer at the gym, because I knew I will have to part ways with him. Everyone that I asked the question – “Do you think I can work out?” - I had got the same very vehement response, a resounding “NOOOO!!! You cannot possibly think of working out at a time like this!!” So when my doctor suggested that I go meet Venu, I was taken aback and pleasantly surprised.
Working out during pregnancy has to be one of the wiser decisions I have taken in life without a doubt. With Venu I did not have to worry about things like – “I wonder if this exercise is safe during pregnancy, I wonder if I can do this much or lift this much” because I knew I was in the safe hands of a professional who very clearly knew what she was doing.
As other pregnant women will also testify - there is no dearth of people who paint dire scenarios to pregnant women – “Oh, your back will kill you, your feet will swell, your legs will ache, you will not be able to touch your feet, you won’t be able to sleep, you won’t ….” - you get the drift. I am in month 8.5 now, and thanks to Venu have hardly felt any of the symptoms that typically plague pregnant women.
Today’s pregnancy bible - “What to expect when you are expecting” also has a long laundry list of how I may feel, and I am happy to say that currently feeling only a couple of those two dozen symptoms. I fervently hope that I can keep up this regime when the baby gets here as well. The way I look at it - working out keeps me sane and healthy and the baby surely deserves a sane and healthy mum.

A good program all- together. A special mention on the relaxation part as that was my favourite. I would rate it 7 on a scale of 10

I was trying to shed weight that I had put on after my marriage thru walks and little knowledge of diet control thru newspaper articles and hear-say advice. However, not able to achieve significant results, I went to Venu -referred by a family member. That was in June 2005. After I met her, my entire perspective to weight control and diet changed. In my three month's session, I learnt to enjoy my food, eating out without adding extra calories and achieve steady and long-lasting weight loss with higher level of fitness. My second course of interaction with her was during my pre-natal exercise classes in 2007 which too was extremely helpful in term of insights into staying healthy during pregnancy and avoiding common aches and pains with simple exercises. I continued my work till two days before my delivery and was almost in shape in three months. Not only staying physically active, her sessions on breathing exercise and relaxations also helped me stay clam amid all the stress and pressure that our work life gives us. During my second pregnancy term currently, I try and follow my pre-natal exercise routine - not jut for my physical fitness but also to keep all negative thoughts at bay with exercise. I would recommend her to anyone looking for scientific weight loss as well as for her pre-natal exercise class - especially to first time mothers.

I learnt about Bodyworks through a friend and joined when there were a few indicators that kept telling me that I needed a proper work out regime. In Nov 2008 I met Venu, who suggested that along with regularexercise, I also required to follow a correct diet.

After following the diet and exercise routine suggested by Venu, I observed that I began loosing weight, week on week, and my stamina levels increasing. I saw that I could achieve doing certain activities like brisk walking with my father (there was a time when I couldn’t match up his walking speed and felt guilty of the same), working for more time without too much of fatigue etc. Yes, my energy levels improved and I felt better with my health as well. I started looking forward for my Saturday appointments with Venu for improvisation & corrections. I realised the importance of regular exercise, which my parents always emphasized and felt happy when I received compliments on my weight loss.

Actually, we all know of what is right to eat and what is not, what if we miss a daily exercise or a walk… but we ignore. We tend to have the “chalta hai” attitude… if not now then when to enjoy…etc… etc…

But its awareness that one needs to have, which Bodyworks brings. I have broken rules during my diet regime, but now I am more aware as to how and to what extent it impacts me. That itself has been a great learning.

I joined Bodyworks two years ago with little over weight according to my height and had zero stamina but after following Venu's diet with proper exercises I lost loads of weight and my resistance has increased to work more harder and promptly.Moreover,when I went for a long vacation to Himalayas I could go trekking which was quite impossible for many other people to do.My resistance and stamina improved well with proper diet and proper exercise. I exploited the whole Himalayans region on foot ,I enjoyed trekking for the first time ever.

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