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A good program all- together. A special mention on the relaxation part as that was my favourite. I would rate it 7 on a scale of 10

I was trying to shed weight that I had put on after my marriage thru walks and little knowledge of diet control thru newspaper articles and hear-say advice. However, not able to achieve significant results, I went to Venu -referred by a family member. That was in June 2005. After I met her, my entire perspective to weight control and diet changed. In my three month's session, I learnt to enjoy my food, eating out without adding extra calories and achieve steady and long-lasting weight loss with higher level of fitness. My second course of interaction with her was during my pre-natal exercise classes in 2007 which too was extremely helpful in term of insights into staying healthy during pregnancy and avoiding common aches and pains with simple exercises. I continued my work till two days before my delivery and was almost in shape in three months. Not only staying physically active, her sessions on breathing exercise and relaxations also helped me stay clam amid all the stress and pressure that our work life gives us. During my second pregnancy term currently, I try and follow my pre-natal exercise routine - not jut for my physical fitness but also to keep all negative thoughts at bay with exercise. I would recommend her to anyone looking for scientific weight loss as well as for her pre-natal exercise class - especially to first time mothers.

I learnt about Bodyworks through a friend and joined when there were a few indicators that kept telling me that I needed a proper work out regime. In Nov 2008 I met Venu, who suggested that along with regularexercise, I also required to follow a correct diet.

After following the diet and exercise routine suggested by Venu, I observed that I began loosing weight, week on week, and my stamina levels increasing. I saw that I could achieve doing certain activities like brisk walking with my father (there was a time when I couldn’t match up his walking speed and felt guilty of the same), working for more time without too much of fatigue etc. Yes, my energy levels improved and I felt better with my health as well. I started looking forward for my Saturday appointments with Venu for improvisation & corrections. I realised the importance of regular exercise, which my parents always emphasized and felt happy when I received compliments on my weight loss.

Actually, we all know of what is right to eat and what is not, what if we miss a daily exercise or a walk… but we ignore. We tend to have the “chalta hai” attitude… if not now then when to enjoy…etc… etc…

But its awareness that one needs to have, which Bodyworks brings. I have broken rules during my diet regime, but now I am more aware as to how and to what extent it impacts me. That itself has been a great learning.

I joined Bodyworks two years ago with little over weight according to my height and had zero stamina but after following Venu's diet with proper exercises I lost loads of weight and my resistance has increased to work more harder and promptly.Moreover,when I went for a long vacation to Himalayas I could go trekking which was quite impossible for many other people to do.My resistance and stamina improved well with proper diet and proper exercise. I exploited the whole Himalayans region on foot ,I enjoyed trekking for the first time ever.

I visited Venu as I saw extremely positive results in my wife's weight loss program.I had been on medication for a while due to indigestion & gastro issues, so thought it would be good to be on a proper diet.Venu very patiently heard about all the doctors I had been to & all the tests I had to go through due to medical issues.She put down a diet plan for me & since I did not have the time to attend any class,I was asked to just walk everyday.Unbelievable, but true,I haven't been on any medication since then & all my health issues seem to have vanished! Its been a good amount of weight that I've lost,something like 15kgs but what makes me happy is that my health is no longer an issue.Its so easy to maintain my weight now since I'm already into this eating pattern which keeps me healthy & away from medicines.

Worked wonderfully for me.I had become extremely stiff during the first 3 months, but once the exercises started, I could feel energetic & better. I no longer felt sick or pregnant. I look forward to my daily dose of 45 minutes of workout.

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